The company is engaged in packing foodstuff in sachets and bags as well as in package. (more than 3 years). Thanks to the imported high-speed packaging equipment we are able to provide quick contemporary high – quality packing into sachets and bags the products like mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, sugar, salt, pepper, soya, wasabi, jam and others.

Since 2013 the Company initiated the production of paper cups as well as packing piece goods with the technology flow pack. (chocolate, pastry, sugar, biscuit, etc… ).

Packing of foodstuff into sachets and bags with the client’s logotype is very popular among trade organizations, restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels, catering companies today. We are happy to offer you such service at an accessible price.

For packing foodstuff we are using very high quality raw material, supplied by a number of major companies; companies that produce sauce, species, jam, honey, sugar, confectionary and other things. At the client’s desire their own raw material may be used.

The equipment we are using allows realizing order of any volume and of any complicity at the shortest period. Production is under strict permanent quality control.

Ready made production may be delivered to any place in Armenia and to the nearest foreign states.